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Exclusive Mediterranean style

The origins of a myth

The brand known as “the ceramics of the Costa Smeralda” is a trademark of Italian excellence that was born in Olbia in 1963 at the request of Prince Karim Aga Khan.
Bright colors, refined decorations and excellent local craftsmanship, combined with top quality design are its distinctive features. Those who choose Cerasarda love to surround themselves with the architectural elegance characteristic of a territory that has become a myth: the Costa Smeralda. In 2002 Cerasarda became part of the Romani Group with refined designs of glazed cotto floors and walls bringing to the world that refinement of the Mediterranean that comes from the encounter between craftsmanship, culture and technological development, capable of evolving and becoming contemporary without losing the strong characterization of the origins.

Il mediterraneo

The origins of a myth

An oasis enchanted by semi-wild nature, wind-sculpted rocks and pinkish-white sandy coves surrounded by a crystal clear sea of a thousand shades changing with the seasons and the rhythm of the wind, Mediterranean scrub with intense aromas… this is the incredible scenery that captivated Prince Aga Khan one spring in the late 1950s and that led him to found an important project: the Costa Smeralda Consortium, a non-profit association aimed at urban and territorial development and architectural management in the area. The Architettura an integral role in the project. The prince called world famous architects: Luigi Vietti, Jacques Coulle, Michele Busiri Vici and Antonio Simon Mossa, then involving others over the years.

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The architectural guidelines followed a rustic, decorative Mediterranean style, apparently spontaneous in its simple, irregular shapes. Thus a refined and uniform architectural language was born, with its special distinctive features being the use of local “poor” materials such as granite, ceramics and wood, enhanced by an extraordinary architectural sensitivity and by the elegance of the destinations of use.

The Cerasarda brand originated here in this paradise of north-eastern Sardinia, and it very soon became a legend for a cultured, exclusive and elite tourist industry.