Cerasarda customizes interiors and hôtellerie.
Those who choose Cerasarda love a cultured and refined material, ecologically sustainable and irreplaceable especially in the bathroom, kitchen and living room.
All the products in the catalog are designed to decorate and cover walls and floors.

Cerasarda Pitrizza marezzati


Plays of light and dark as style imprints.


The glossy enamel and the original lozenge format combined in creative chromatic mixes.

Cerasarda Sardinia


The hexagonal format, the sea blue enamel and the harmonic range of whites and blues.

I cotti fatti a mano

Unique pieces, born from exclusive processes.

I cotti fatti a mano
Decori antichi

Decori Storici
Anni ’60

Decorations handmade by expert craftsmen, like a real ceramic atelier.


A collection that incorporates the style and colors of the homonymous line of objects.

Cerasarda OT07026
Trasparenze marine

Trasparenze marine

The delicate pastel shades interpret the movement of the slightly rippled sea.

logo modulo mondo letizia piani

Mondo 17

17 designs inspired by 17 different types of homes around the world, declined in 12 colors of nature.

Cerasarda Modulo mondo 17 1
Cerasarda Le ossidiane

Le ossidiane

Color, reflections and geometries. In the spaces, the simplicity of the forms is transformed into refined exclusivity.


Cerasarda makes cork an original design surface, capturing and enhancing its decorative potential.

Cerasarda Sughero
Yacht club

Yacht Club

It is the new Cerasarda collection that draws inspiration from the noble cladding in marine wood slats.

Abitare la terra

The combination of Mediterranean tradition and contemporary design.

Cerasarda Abitare la terra