Il fascino della ceramica smaltata Mediterraneo Style

Il fascino della ceramica smaltata Mediterraneo Style

Different, prestigious
expressions in ceramics

Mediterraneo Style is the Cerasarda project to personalized interiors and hôtellerie
Those who choose Cerasarda appreciate cultured and refined materials which are ecologically sustainable and irreplaceable, especially in damp environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.
All the products in the catalog are designed to decorate and cover walls and floors.

Slide Pitrizza
An amazing range of colours. Small sizes and a classy crackle effect. DISCOVER PITRIZZA DISCOVER MAREZZATI

Slide Radiant, scintillating colours are placed in a classic combination with the matt glaze of the terracotta tiles. I Cotti fatti a mano DISCOVER A harmonized range
of whites and blues and tone-on-tone decorations.

Slide OT07026 A traditional, refined and decorative range in typical Sardinian style. DISCOVER

Slide The six delicate pastel colour shades interpret the movement of the gently rippling waves on the sea Trasparenze marine DISCOVER Clear contrasts, refined decorations interacting between parchment and bronze. Le Ossidiane DISCOVER

Slide Abitare la Terra Extraordinary colour scales, with harmonic tones enriched with contrasting decorative textures. DISCOVER