The house of

The homes of seven personalities, connoisseurs and admirers of Mediterranean
culture introduce the essence of the Cerasarda collections.

Slide "The colors, the contrasts and the light infuse well-being and inspire a positive vision of life.”
Also for these reasons Catherine H., researcher and nutritionist, loves to spend time near the Mediterranean sea.
At Catherine H’s home DISCOVER Geneva, Switzerland
PT01 - Living

Slide The life of a performer is necessarily nomadic, especially during international tours. Monique, for her house in Lyon, she was inspired by the hexagons of the Sardinia collection. At Monique G’s home DISCOVER Lione, France SR02 - Bedroom

Slide Historian of ancient art, Delphina O. divides her residence between Thessaloniki, where she teaches at the university, and the island of Euboea. A casa di Delphina O. DISCOVER Isola di Eubea, Grecia CT01 - Kitchen

Slide The Hotel Manager profession has led Graziano S. to reside in various european capitals for many years. The charm and the never dormant bond with his native land -the Gallura- led him to return to Sardinia At Graziano S’s home DISCOVER Gallura, Sardinia OT02 - Restaurant

Slide The working day of this young researching couple takes place in the crisp open-spaces in Rotterdam’s center. For their residence in the historic center of the Dutch city, they chose the Trasparenze marine collection. At Ferdinand and Gaia F’s home DISCOVER Rotterdam, The Netherlands At Ferdinand
and Gaia F’s home
TR01 - Living

Slide The eclectic personality of the owner, a well-known television producer who is very attached to his Spanish roots, inspired the choice of the Le Ossidiane collection for his home in Valencia. At Ernesto H’s home DISCOVER Valencia, Spain OS02 - Entrance

Slide An architect, Martin J. alternates his Texan residence with that of Mediterranean Europe, his chosen land. His interest in the culture of natural materials of European architecture characterizes his design style. At Martin J’s home DISCOVER Ibiza, Spain AB01 - Living