The brand known as "the ceramics of the Costa Smeralda" is a trademark of Italian excellence that was born in Olbia in 1963 at the request of Prince Karim Aga Khan.Bright colors, refined decorations and excellent local craftsmanship, combined with top quality design are its distinctive features.Those who choose Cerasarda love to surround themselves with the architectural elegance characteristic of a territory that has become a myth: the Costa Smeralda.In 2002, Cerasarda became part of the Gruppo Romani, giving rise to an exciting union between island artisan culture and the technological innovation uniquely from the Modena and Reggio Emilia area. A fusion that has consistently evolved and delivered contemporary refined floor and wall projects without ever sacrificing the strong distinguishing features of the brand’s origins. Exclusive Mediterranean styleAn oasis enchanted by semi-wild nature,wind-sculpted rocks and pinkish-white sandy coves surrounded by a crystal clear sea of a thousand shades changing with the seasons and the rhythm of the wind, Mediterranean brush with intense aromas ... this is the incredible scenery that captivated Prince Aga Khan one spring in the late 1950sand that led him to found an important project:the Costa Smeralda Consortium, a non-profit association aimed at urban and territorial development and architectural management in the area.The Architecture committee – directed by Enzo Satta, internationally experienced architect and urban planner - played an integral role in the project.The Prince called upon world-renowned architects such as Luigi Vietti, Jacques Coulle, Michele Busiri Vici and Antonio Simon Mossa, along with many others over the years.


Mediterraneo Style is an innovation projectby Cerasarda, consisting of interior compositions (denominated ‘Layout’ in the catalog) that present the collections of ceramic products, and the brand itself, with originality. Bathroom interiors, kitchens and decorative walls are introduced here with a creative and surprising lifestyle vision.More than 80 interiors invite you to select tiles divided by themes of color and decoration, inspired by the story of seven connoisseurs and admirers of the Mediterranean. In this project, ceramics takes the leading role once again, highlighting its distinct qualities: craftsmanship, color, decoration, small sizes, the sheen of its glazes as well as its water and humidity resistance performance, which distinguish it as a product of unparalleled excellence, especially for bathroom interiors. The Layout section at the end of the catalog has the important role of codifying each setting, simplifying its creation. Mediterraneo Style is a project by Cabriolet Studio and Paolo Romani.


Pitrizza and Marezzati are the quintessence of Cerasarda ceramics, with a bright color palette for covering interiors of great personality.The characteristic Acquamarina glaze has conquered the hearts interior designers the world over.Characterized by the refined crackle effect, with its precious superficial cracks so appreciated by ceramic enthusiasts.Marezzati stands out thanks to its undulating and ever-changing shades, adding depth and expression to these coverings.


The six delicate pastel shades interpret the flow of ripples on the sea, with a slight bas-relief texture appearing when light passes over the surface, accenting its movement and depth. The watery shine of the glaze combined with the Ventaglio mosaic ensures notes of refined contemporaneity.


A collection that reflects the style and colors of the line of objects of the same name by Cerasarda.An exclusive chromatic range that emphasizes the link with Sardinia; from the raw essence of the island’s interior, to the rugged and unspoiled areas of Barbagia, to the translucent marine setting of the coast.In addition to the colors, the many decorations made by hand by expert island artisans -just like in a ceramic atelier- also enhance the manufacturing value of this collection.


The hexagonal format, the Azzurro Mare glaze, the harmonious range of whites and blues and the extraordinary score of the tonal decorations represent the soul of this refined collection that has become a trademark of the Cerasarda brand.The look obtained by mixing and matching colors is enchanting and original, ideal for any interior.


Real hand-made tiles in terracotta, whose craftsmanship and authenticity express all their seductive power.These 2cm thick red earth supports are precious backdrops for the ancient technique of engobe and transparent shiny glaze; each piece is unique so as to create surfaces of rare ceramic beauty. The small formats, in particular the triangle and the rhombus, contribute to making this collection even more exclusive.With their radiant and brilliant colors, and the two varieties of waxed and glazed surfaces, this collection evokes the Mediterranean and the contrasts of the islands where the mirroring reflections of the water clash with the solid and comforting opacity of the earth.


Clear contrasts, surfaces that evoke coastal landscapes covered in lava, refined decorations in the 20x20 format, interacting between parchment and bronze: a contemporary style that stimulates well-calculated creativity and a taste for composition that is attentive to fashion and design.Ideal for covering both internal and external ambients.


Abitare la Terra is a significant and well-structured ceramic system conceived by Maria Luisa Brighenti, designer and ceramist, characterized by extraordinary chromatic range with harmonic tones enriched by contrasting colors -Accento- and by original decorative structures.With its 17 colors in double fired glazes and its 9 in fine porcelain stoneware, it satisfies every type of project, whether residential or commercial.The combination of Mediterranean tradition and contemporary design together with the possibility of coordinating internal and external environments make Abitare la Terra a coherent and functional stylistic solution.Articulated into numerous modular formats, Abitare la Terra is an authentic project capable of relating the Cerasarda identity to the evolution of lifestyles.


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