Taking inspiration from the OT 07026 collection of furnishing items, which distils into its design, colours and materials all the magic of the land of Sardinia and the history of an ancient tradition of craftsmanship, Cerasarda presents the exclusive OT 07026 wall tiles, offering them in an exclusive colour range emphasizing the links with their land of origin.

From the raw, essential quality of the Sardinian hinterland to the rugged, uncontaminated areas of the Barbagia, evoked with the colours of Prugna, Senape, Menta and Azzurro, right down to the marine atmospheres of the coasts and the clear blue sky with Ghiaccio, Gesso, Pavone and Oceano, OT 07026, highlights those contrasts that have always been the main feature of the island, thanks, too, to the use of the characteristic vitreous glazes that allow the essence of the ceramic material to show through.

The OT 07026 collection comes in a wide range of sizes,  and is completed by the unusual fan, diamond and boveda mosaic tiles and by exclusive “handmade” solutions inspired by the graphic elements that Cerasarda has transformed into unforgettable design icons of the 1960s, when its own story began. OT 07026 is a wide-ranging and varied proposal that allows maximum customization of spaces devoted to wellness both in residential surroundings and for hotel and contract projects.

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